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Grad d. d. is one of the leading Slovenian companies for the development, marketing, and maintenance of business software packages, and has been developing advanced solutions more than 30 years.

The diverse range of software solutions, named after representative Slovenian concepts, comprises standardised and mutually interoperable applications for financial, accounting, and inventory monitoring of business operations.

During the last decade, Grad d. d. has specialised in developing software for accounting and business management, with all our solutions using SQL databases as the basis for data storage and processing. In addition to standard applications for accounting, we developed many specialised applications, such as solutions for building managers (Upravnik), municipal companies (Vodar), and kindergartens (Oskrbnine).

Remote work solutions

The trends of modern business dictate support for remote work, with software solutions adapting appropriately. At Grad, d. d., we developed several interesting online applications, with the following standing out: eKraljica, which allows remote access to data on the general ledger and balance accounts; eUpravnik, which allows owners of real estate direct access to issued invoices, cost dividers, display of scanned invoices, access to joint documents, and a comprehensive electronic communication with the building manager; eGilda, which enables electronic order submission, review of completed events, review of open orders, and electronic communication with the supplier. Among the more frequently used online applications, we can also find eMeč, which provides companies with the functionality for liquidating documents from remote locations, and iŽezlo, which makes sure that fixed assets are under supervision.

Development to order

Many unique modules developed by Grad, d. d. were developed to customers’ orders. Users of our software solutions include both small, medium-sized, and large companies from both the commercial and non-commercial sector, which attests to the exceptional “scope” of these packages.

Today, the above applications are used by over 500 legal entities in Slovenia and over 70 abroad (primarily in Croatia, among them as many as 25 hospitals). Together, over 2,000 software modules are thus in use. In the company, we are very proud of our customers who have been with us for more than a two and a half decades – right from the start of Grad d. d.

Quality is the result of constant improvements

Grad d. d. received the ISO9001 quality certification in 1996. Our applications are distinguished by their clear, simple-to-use, and efficient user interface and numerous options for scanning and exporting documents.





Our customers consider the immediate availability of our advisers a significant added value. To ensure customer satisfaction, we also use a built-in notification system, which provides users, when they log in for the first time in the morning, information on all important new developments or changes that need to be considered in their work. This is especially welcome when various regulations and/or legislation is being changed. Users can also contact our advisors over the Internet. In addition to immediate and safe communication, such support and remote maintenance reduces maintenance costs (no travel or other expenses).

Grajska ekipa

Grajska ekipa

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